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AerServ加入InMobi,打造全球最强大的移动视频广告和货币化解决方案 学到更多


AerServ加入InMobi 学到更多







It all ads up: Adways partners with InMobi

发布在 February 05, 2014  •  Pocket Gamer

Japan-headquartered digital advertising network Adways is deepening its offering.

It's just signed up with mobile ad network InMobi to enable developers using its services to hook into InMobi's global reach.

This consists of 120 billion mobile ad impressions per month, generated by 691 million users in 165 countries.

Conversely, developers using InMobi will now get access to Adways' network.

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"We are aiming to become the No.1 smartphone advertising company in Asia. Through this partnership we believe we will be able to support our clients promoting their apps more effectively not only in Asia but also in all over the world," said Adways' CEO Haruhisa Okamura.

"We're pleased to announce this global partnership will enable Adways' clients to use our global network seamlessly and also for our clients it will be a new opportunity for further monetization," added InMobi's regional director, Kazusuke Obi.